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Vtla Kaliseji - Native American Diabetes Resources

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Online Resources

Online News and Resources for Native Americans with Diabetes are few and far between. But these links will help you get started if you've been "tossed out" on your own. They are NOT a substitute for a session with a diabetes nurse or your physician, but they are a great source of information, news, and recipes. Please use the information you find in conjunction with a dialogue with your physician for your own best care.


Awakening The Spirit: The American Diabetes Association's Outreach Program to Native Americans.

The American Diabetes Association: Get the latest news regarding diabetes and diabetes issues. is a great resource of information for newly diagnosed plus supplies.

Diabetes Public Resource is from the CDC and offers plenty of helpful information.

The Diabetes Monitor monitors diabetes happenings everywhere in cyberspace.

Diabetes Insight is a site from the UK, again, with lots of helpful information.

Diabetic Cooking is a marvelous resource for making delicious meals to help you stay on your diet.

Children With offers an online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes; includes recipes and lots of help for families dealing with the disease.

Youth Zone -- The American Diabetes Association site for young people.