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Vtla Kaliseji - Native American Diabetes Resources

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FAQs About Vtla Kaliseji

Answering Your Questions Regarding This Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've read the site, now, what do I do if I recognize any of the symptoms in me?

A: Contact your physician and set up an appointment for a blood test to verify whether or not you have diabetes. Only a blood test administered by a physician can verify whether or not you have the disease.

Q: What do I do if I find out that I have the disease?

A: Talk. Talk to your physician, your family, your friends. Schedule yourself for classes or ask your doctor to schedule you for classes. Insist on it. Get some books and start reading. It's when you sit down and cry yourself into a depressed state that you don't help yourself. This is a life changing diagnosis. You can choose to either face it on your feet or on your knees. I prefer to stand up.

Q: Are you a doctor?

A: No. I'm someone with the disease reaching out to help others. I've posted general information that I have written, or has been written by qualified physicians.

Q: Will you answer questions regarding Cherokee Culture?

A: I would prefer not to. There are other websites out there for that purpose, and that is not the purpose of this site. If you are looking for specific information, go to or contact the Cherokee Nation directly by phone, and you can get that information at the above web address.

Q: Can you help me with genealogy?

A: I am not qualified to assist you with Cherokee genealogical research. I would advise you to go to the Federal Archives or seek help with your projects. There are many such research sites on line.

Q: Why is your name not on the website?

A: This site is about helping people, not about ego. I did this site specifically to help others, as a means of bridging the gap between diagnosis and your first diabetes class. That's a critical time period, when mistakes can get made all too easily, as I myself found out. I could honestly care less if it brings me any attention. The disease and dealing with it are what need attention. My one concession is the memorial for my dad, and the links to my business and my brother's business. Otherwise, this is set up to help people and most importantly to educate, to get rid of the stigma and fear factor associated with diabetes. That's what I've concentrated on. The site is a labor of love for me. I've worked very hard on it, trying to post the best information I can get my hands on. If I've helped one person feel stronger by the information on here, I'm happy.

Q: Can I write you?

A: You're welcome to. I can't answer any medical questions, however...these need to be referred to your physician or health care provider. And again, please, no questions on geneology, culture or history of the Cherokee people...I just do not have the time that I would like to devote to answering these questions. Wish I had it, but I don't...sigh....

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